Hashdex reduces initial fund contribution investing 100% in bitcoin

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Hashdex Manager announces new initial contribution to its fund investing 100% in Bitcoin

Hashdex reduces initial fund contribution investing 100% in bitcoinNOTÍCIAS
The Bitcoin Full 100 FIC FIM, the first fund in Hashdex’s portfolio to invest 100% of its resources in bitcoin, updates this Wednesday (6) the entry ticket to the fund.

The company’s product, aimed at qualified investors, now has Crypto Profit an initial contribution of R$ 1,000.

Launched in October, the Hashdex fund was created to meet a demand from the so-called bitcoin purists, an enthusiastic public of cryptomeda that was looking for a fund that would only contemplate the asset.

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The administration fee for Bitcoin Full 100 FIC FIM is 0.7% per year. With no performance fee, the fund is suitable for daring investors and will also invest its resources in the Hashdex Bitcoin I FIM, which in turn invests in financial assets issued and traded abroad.

Crypto Currency Funds in Brazil
Since 2019, Brazilian investors who do not want to mine, buy Bitcoin or cryptomoedas in exchanges or in the p2p market and wish to have an exposure to the cryptomoedas market rely on Investment Funds approved and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, CVM.

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The funds authorized by the CVM in Brazil are multi-market funds that have exposure to cryptomorphs but not all are composed 100% in cryptoactive.

However, as determined by the CVM, some funds are intended only for qualified investors (who have over R$1 million in proven investment) and others are intended for retail investors.

Currently, the funds are offered by 4 managers: QR Asset, Vitreo, Hashdex and BLP, each of which has its own rules, compositions and objectives.

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